Official: Preparations for regatta

Course de l’Alliance 2019

Preparations for regatta

Nov 26, 2019, 9:48:29 AM

Given the forecast for very light winds, please would all competitors take note of the following:

In the event of wind too light to race, our intention is to continue to each finishing venue.

Boats without engines:

  • Carry a towing line of at least two boatlengths or 20m whichever is longer,

  • Prepare the towing line so that the end thrown or passed to the towing boat has a loop in it when passed,

  • Be prepared to take another boat in tow behind you,

  • Carry sufficient fenders to be towed alongside if required in port.

Boats with engines:

  • Carry enough fuel to complete the itinerary,

  • Be prepared to tow a boat if necessary.