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Don't know much (or maybe anything) about regattas, but want to find out what's going on and how to find the best places to watch? Start by downloading our Spectator's Guide to Regattas, then look at the 'Spectator info' tab on each regatta page for details specific to that event. Spectator's Guide to Regattas

About provides real-time, live results, and full entry, registration, results, and protest management support for some of the world's best and most demanding events.

Every event gets all these features:

  • A full-service mini-site with document uploads, and full event and class configuration
  • Online entry and payment using your choice of payment systems
  • One-click entry for multiple regattas under one series - great for driving interest to associated events!
  • Direct fully integrated access to any rating system that offers programmatic access (in the case of Caribbean Sailing Association, the system ties directly to the rating system!)
  • Quick registration check-in, even for complex multi-series events
  • Incredibly flexible configurations for overall, fleet, special trophies, elapsed trophies, class-weighted scoring, and multi-rating results
  • Plug-in scoring systems that cover everything from Appendix A to weighted-average and Cox-Sprague
  • Customisable result codes that allow for every possible arrangement of assigned scores
  • A full selection of printed matter from scratch sheets to standard forms - all branded with your event logos
  • On-the water real-time results that are online before the skipper can say the 'w' in 'well done'
  • Race detail that includes extensive statistical analysis
  • Scrolling screen results with programmable playlists including protests, notices, and information screens that can be used anywhere in the world with even poor network access
  • Printed results including full detail of every race
  • Full protest management including infinitely complex penalties and redress - all automatically handled as the event continues
  • Prize-giving scripts, running orders, and trophy placeholders all customisable to prevent 'jack-in-the-box' competitor calls by combining trophy awards
  • All of that and experienced people that have done hundreds of events ready and willing to help

If you need a full-service entry and results system with experienced personnel, contact Paul Miller at: